That's our way of Life

Our dream is to create clothes for everyday occasions. Moments spent in the office, by the water or the park, watching sunrises,  catching waves, at the beach or at the pool.

We just want to make it easy for you to look great for the good moments in life. That's why we decided to make timeless classics which never get out of style without messing up the planet, or your wallet.

You might think it sounds quite simple, but when you invest in good high quality essentials your style will suit almost every moment in life.

Essentials that last

We all have our favourite brands, but still they often try to cut on costs and with that often on quality. We aim to bring you timeless pieces for years to last, and worn. We source the finest fabrics and factories for our essentials to last.

Consistent Fit — During the launch we aimed to claim 'the perfect fit' for each and every item. Everybody is different and not every brand and fit works for each body. Which is why the perfect fit does not exist, we just offer a really good and consistent fit across all our items. 

ECO - friendly

All our garments are made of organic, recycled or environment friendly materials and we aim to produce everything in Europe. Why? Not a marketing trick— being eco-friendly is not a feature, marketing trick or a fashion trend. Neither will it make us the best or biggest company in the world. We just want to make sure we don't mess up the planet and the people for generations to come. That's why we set out to make sustainability the new standard in the fashion industry.


We like to show you how we do the things we do.
Nothing to hide and always straightforward.
Without the usual hefty mark-up.

We're proud to continuously work on a collection with high quality and sustainable fabrics.
We're perfect! Hell no, we just try our best.
That's why we're always looking for ways to further perfect/improve our collection of timeless wardrobe essentials.

You like our tees and sweatshirts? No worries, next year's collection will be waiting for you again, maybe even in some additional colours. Are you heading for the sun in winter? We envy you :), but to accommodate you we sell swim trunks all year round. Also when it is winter here.