When I prepare myself for the day, I don't want to
spend a lot of time thinking about what to wear. Yet, I want to look good. I just
want to grab something to wear out of my closet without further thought. That’s
exactly the amount of energy I want to spend choosing what to wear in the

And, during the day when I’m
busy with life, I want to feel comfortable and confident in my outfit.

It was difficult to find
sustainable menswear -without big logos- for a reasonable price. And when I found
something that I enjoyed wearing, I often wanted to buy more of the same. By
the time I got to it, seasons and collections would have changed, and products
would no longer be available.


After a check among my
friends and family, I noticed more guys felt the same way! That’s how TAU COTTON was born.

From the beginning our
ambition was to combine timeless design with a non-stop focus on sustainable,
ethical and social values. And we succeeded. 

Today TAU COTTON is a brand
that serves 1000s of men yearly with their year-round collection of timeless

It makes me happy knowing that
we have simplified the morning routine of many men around the globe. 


I hope you enjoy your TAU COTTONs!



Thomas Spronk (founder)

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