Besides our nearest and dearest, you and the people we work with are the people ate the forefront of our minds. We want to share their stories, so you know exactly how your clothing is made and by whom.

While we continue to grow, we will never lose track of the mindset that defines us and helped make us the brand we are today. We want to take it easy while always treating you and the people around us with respect, integrity and an occasional inside joke.

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Although we are an Amsterdam-based brand, we travelled the world and selected the best factories in Portugal to create our collection. We regularly drop by our factories to see how things are going, and to have the best lunches one could dream of. We explicitly chose to produce at these factories because of the quality, their fair labour and their humane working hours. Our relationship with our production partners is personal and healthy so that we ensure everything we produce is and remains of the highest quality.

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