Holiday Essentials

At TAU Cotton we understand that every guys has different holiday plans; demanding different essentials to pack. We cover every man’s holiday essentials, wherever you go and no matter the clothes you’d like to combine with TAU. We spotted some inspiring guys along the road and asked them to pack their bags:

Works as a venture capitalist. Likes old motorcycles and old movies. His girlfriend thinks he needs to wear more colours, but Steve doesn’t really know which way to go. Usually he spends too much money on clothes he doesn’t even wear. Steve is driving to the north of France with a friend. He will enjoy some wine tastings and is planning to read two books. Also wants to improve his French. Steve will stay in France for eight days.
Really keen on design. Likes soy lattes, sushi and Indie music. Works as a creative freelancer for a clothing brand, owns a professional camera and is visiting Berlin to take pictures of the city. He has some friends who live there, so he knows the city pretty well. Usually looking for basic colours and good fabrics. Likes to take care of the environment and is looking for more organic items, but design comes first. Dennis will be away from home for 4 days.
World traveller, likes bright colours, patterns, songs from the 60s and Bob Marley. Needed to pack his bag to visit his sister in Bali, who is staying there for three months. Wants to see the world and learn about other cultures. Charlie just came back from India four days ago, where he did a meditation course for three weeks. Usually walks on his bare feet, but we packed flip-flops for him. Charlie will stay in Bali for two weeks, but mentioned he probably just needs a T-shirt and a pair of swim trunks.
Works as an actor and likes vintage. Wears polos a lot and listens to Pop/Rock music. Usually wears a hat, even in summer. Has over 12 jackets on his coat reck that he regularly wears. Doesn’t like contact lenses so wears glasses all day. James is going to visit his family in Scotland for long distance walks and relaxing. Doesn’t want to pack a lot, because he hates heavy suitcases.
Lawyer who, when he’s not wearing a suit, likes black and leather clothes. Works out four times a week. Listens to Electronica and hip-hop. Wears sunglasses even when the sun isn’t shining. Has over 20 pairs of white trainers – all fresh and neat. Johnny is flying to London to visit some friends. He works 24/7 so he really needed some time to party and chill. Johnny and his friends are visiting a rooftop party and planning to visit Borough Market on Saturday. Johnny will stay in London for three nights.
If you’re going on a trip somewhere in the near future and don’t really know what to pack, TAU is there to help you!
What our legends are taking with them:

Steve (FLTR):
TAU Milano Pullover in Navy: €65,00
TAU Shorts in Rust: €65,00
Fromanteel Watch: €494,00
Ace&Tate ‘Neil’ Sunglasses: €98,00
Clarks Desert Boots: €129,95
Alfredo Gonzales Socks: €8,00 a pair
TAU Shorts in Sand: €65,00
Samsoe Samsoe Tee: €59,00
TAU Pqiue Polo in Sea Green: €45,00

Dennis (FLTR):
WonHundred coat: €440,00
Veja Sneakers: €129,95
Samsoe Samsoe Pantalon: €129,00
TAU Milano Pullover in Navy: €65,00
TAU Milano Pullover in Anthracite: €65,00
Headphones by Marshalls: €199,95
Vintage Hugo Boss Scarf: €5,00
TAU Crew Tee in White: €20,00

Charlie (FLTR):
Deus Ex Machina Denim Shirt: €89,00
TAU Crew Pocket Tee in Grey: €20,00
Ace&Tate ‘Franklin’ Sunglasses: €98,00
Stetson Hat: €49,00
Deus Ex Machina Beach Tennis Set: €50,00
TAU Swimtrunk in Coral: €50,00
TAU Shorts in Olive: €65,00
Alfredo Gonzales Socks: €8,00 a pair
Havaiana Flip-flops: €19,95

James (FLTR):
WeAreCPH Suede Jacket: €229,00
Vintage Beanie: €2,00
Suunto Watch: €359,00
Clarks Desert Boots: €129,95
TAU Pique Sweatshirt in Aqua Green: €59,00
TAU Pique Polo in Anthracite: €45,00
TAU Pique Polo in White: €45,00
Nudie Jeans: €110,00

Johnny (FLTR):
TAU Crew Pocket Tee in White: €20,00
TAU Milano Pullover in Anthracite: €65,00
RayBan ‘Erika’ Sunglasses: €119,00
Suunto Watch: €359,00
Nudie Jeans: €140,00
Vintage Leather Biker Jacket: €60,00
TAU Shorts in Sand: €65,00
Nike Sneakers: €139,95

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